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This is the Annotated Solution Guide for the exercises in Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition, Volume 1. The book was written by Bruce Eckel and the solution guide was written by Chuck Allison. This solution guide may be purchased here.

This guide contains solutions for selected exercises, leaving some exercises for the reader. You can find an online list of the exercises that have been solved here.

This guide is distributed as a zip file containing a set of HTML files in the subdirectory labeled html, and a source-code tree in the subdirectory code.

Linux/Unix Users: you must unzip the file using Info-Zip, which can be found for various platforms here or here. This tool often comes pre-installed on Linux distributions. When you unzip the package, you must use the a option to correct for the difference between DOS and Unix newlines, like this:

unzip a

In the zip file that you received upon purchasing this package, you will find a source-code directory tree that includes all the code listings shown here, along with makefiles to build all the listings using compilers from Gnu (g++), Borland, Microsoft or EDG (Edison Design Group). To build the listings, you must first find and install an appropriate make program. Borland comes with a make, as does Cygwin which runs the g++ compiler under Windows - see Information about GNU make is here and you can download a pre-compiled DOS/Windows version here.

Once you have a make program installed, you can move to the code directory and type one of the following:

make borland

make g++295

make g++3

make microsoft

make edg

g++295 is for Gnu C++ version 2.95, and g++3 is for Gnu C++ version 3.0; it is presumed you are running these compilers under Unix, Linux or Cygwin (see If you are using a different compiler you can look at the makefile in the code directory to see how to modify it to use your own compiler by providing the appropriate command-line flags.

The Microsoft Visual C++ compiler, although popular, is a relatively poor implementation of ISO C++, and so some of the correct C++ files in this solution guide will not compile with that compiler. You can see which files these are by looking for the '//{-msc}' tags in the listings and in the document. The makefiles have been created to exclude those files when you run make microsoft so the whole process will run to completion without errors.

Please note that this document is not freeware and so cannot be posted, resold or given away. It is copyrighted and sold only from the site You can find copyright information in the file CopyRight.txt in the root directory of the unzipped document.

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