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Thinking in Java 3rd Ed. Annotated Solution Guide

    [ Sample (Chapters 2 & 3) ]
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    This is the annotated solution guide for Thinking in Java, 3rd edition by Bruce Eckel. Thinking in Java is available in print form from Prentice Hall and freely downloadable from This solution guide is only available electronically, as a PDF document (If it were in book form, this guide would be over 500 pages, using the same format as Thinking in Java).

    This guide also has additional (supplemental) exercises which are not in Thinking in Java and for which solutions are not provided, as additional challenges and to provide exercises that may be used in teaching situations.

    NOTE The 3rd edition of the solution guide also contains (along with the solutions for Thinking in Java, 3rd edition), the solutions for the 2nd edition of Thinking in Java. The 3rd edition of the guide was published at the end of July, 2004.

    Chapter 1 has no exercises. The solutions for Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 are freely available (as a sample) as a PDF document and code here. Please download the sample and ensure that it works on your system before purchasing the solutions.

    The remainder of the solutions are available for a fee of US 20$, only via VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover and only via the Internet at this URL.

    All the exercises in Chapter 2 & 3 have been solved. In the remainder of the book, only a few exercises have been left to the reader (generally because the solution involves you performing some configuration on your own machine), including:

    Chapter 4: Exercises 21 & 22

    Chapter 5: Exercises 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 & 10

    Chapter 9: Exercises 35, 43 & 44

    Chapter 13: Exercises 8, 9 & 21

    Chapter 15: Exercises 1 & 8

    Unpacking the distribution

    This guide is distributed as a zip file containing a PDF file and a source- code tree in the subdirectory labeled code. Please make sure your machine is equipped to unzip files before purchasing the guide (the zip format is virtually universal so you can almost always find a free utility for your platform if it isn't pre-installed; see the next paragraph).

    Linux/Unix Users: you must unzip the file using Info-Zip, which can be found for various platforms here or here. This tool often comes pre-installed on Linux distributions. When you unzip the package for Linux/Unix, you must use the -a option to correct for the difference between DOS and Unix newlines, like this:

    unzip -a

    In the zip file that you receive upon purchasing this package, you will find a source-code directory tree that includes all the code listings shown in this guide, along with ant build.xml files to build all the listings using the javac compiler from the Sun JDK, available here.

    You can build the listings by hand, one at a time, if you choose. To build the listings automatically, you must first install Ant, which is freely downloadable from Once you have Antinstalled, you can move to the code directory and type Ant to build and test the code.


    Please note that the entire Thinking in Java Annotated Solution Guide document is not freeware and so cannot be posted, resold or given away. It is copyrighted and sold only from the site

    [ Sample (Chapters 2 & 3) ]
    [ Purchase Solutions ]
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