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Nice Comments from Readers about Thinking in Java

I wanted to thank you for providing me with an incredible learning experience. I recently downloaded your TIJ2 on-line book and found it perfect for learning Java. I came to Java with a strong C++ background, a definite preference for learning by example, and not enough time to take a multi-week class. Your book turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

I think one of the hallmarks of a good teacher is the ability to anticipate students' questions, and I kept having this deja vu feeling as I was reading your book that you knew what I was thinking! Also, your book is the very first one I've read completely on-line, and it was definitely an enriching experience.

I come from India, and there is a very ancient tradition in my mother country that a teacher and a giver of knowledge should be respected above all, even your own parents. Thank you for teaching me Java and making it such an enjoyable experience. I shall remain forever in your debt. Rao Akella, Sr. Software Engineer, TCSI Corp., Alameda, California

Thank you for placing your excellent Thinking in Java book on the web. It provided me with my first introduction to serious programming which recently culminated with my obtaining my Sun Programmer Certification. I am currently expanding my expertise to include C++ (using Thinking in C++, naturally). You have earned my deepest gratitude and I wish you the best in all your future endeavours. Hayden Legendre

... the best introductory book on the subject (I have three other intro to Java books--yours blows them all away). Peter Norquist, Web designer, Pleasanton, CA

One of the best intro/tutorial books on the market in my opinion. You go highly recommended with a lot of developers in my company. Orlando Bullock, software engineer for RDA, Inc.

Your "Thinking in Java" is the best book I have ever seen in depth and in width. Yang Wang, Software Engineer, Motorola Australia Software Centre (Adelaide)

This is really a great book. A few months ago, I needed a book to switch quickly from C/C++ to Java and I wouldn't have been able to start using Java so quickly if it wasn't for this book. Mark Borg, Software Engineer, Mosaic Software, UK.

I have now a serious understanding of the Java Language and I owe you many thanks for my successful passing of Sun's Java Programmer Exam. Milan Babiak, Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform, ICL Slovakia

I want to thank you and commend you for your excellent and (as far as I can tell) error free Thinking in Java (2nd ed). What an excellent book with instructive examples! You join the ranks of a few others I have discovered in the Java area that provide very excellent learning resources. (Java is lucky to have some significant and excellent works and authors, unlike some other technical areas I have studied.) I also would like to thank you for the many free resource you provide on your web site and the excellent, reasonable priced CD of lectures I purchased and was very happy with. This sort of knowledge sharing (much for free) is also in the great academic tradition I love. Brad Jesness

I would like to take this chance to congratulate you on your book. It's one of the most enlightening computers book I've ever read, and I wish every programming book was like this. It would be a better world for programming learners. CÚsar Puerta, 4th year student in Computers Engineering in Universidad Complutense de Madrid

I'm estatic about your Java books Victor Claessen

Your book - Thinking in Java 2nd Edition - has helped me enormously. When I first started out with Java, I purchased a large number of books and found myself looking through all of them to get a single, good explanation for concepts. Your examples and easy explanations solved all of that for me. Not only that but I often have "hard-core" C++ programmers in my classes and your detailed explanations have given me enough information to answer some pretty tough questions. This is the first time I've written to an author to say thank you. I will be recommending your book to every class that I teach. Marj Rempel, Sun Certified Java Instructor, Learnix Ltd. training centre, Toronto Canada

Thank you for your literacy and style. It is a rare and wonderful experience to find text so well constructed that it commands attention. Jack Brand, Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America, Inc.

I can't say enough great things about Thinking In Java (2nd Ed). It is required reading for all the people I mentor in Java. Great job! Kevin P. Monaghan, Object Architect, MSX International

Let me also take this opportunity to congratulate you on arguably the best Java text I've seen. I've seen experienced programmers on staff make blunders in Java after reading the usual texts, only to discover the subtleties once they've opened TIJ. It's a brilliant and very self-contained course in Java that I'm sure will prove very popular with our students. Bernard K. Gunther, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Computer and Information Science, University of South Australia

It's the best programming book I have ever read. I got turned off on programming due to dry books and dry professors, but your book is changing that. It's loooong, but that's what I like about it. It's very conversational, even casual at times, which has allowed me to get more depth out of this book than the ones I had at my engineering college. I especially like how you have source code for every little teeny specific miniscule topic, because I have really gotten a lot out of typing all of those out. I hated how other books gave short, poor examples (or none at all), and expected you to know a lot when they provided you no opportunity to actually log hours of code writing along the way. It's been a blast. I hope to finish the book soon, and I expect to get a lot of in-depth understanding of Java through it. I like TIJ so much I may even try to go back and look at your C++ book (C++ is what turned me off to programming in the first place!). Dave Navarro, Software Tester,

... much better than any other Java book I've seen. Make that "by an order of magnitude". ... very complete, with excellent right-to-the-point examples and intelligent not dumbed-down explanations... I found it to be unusually (in contrast to many other Java books out there) mature, consistent, intellectually honest, well-written and precise. IMHO, an ideal book for studying Java. Anatoly Vorobey, Technion University, Haifa, Israel

One of the absolutely best programming tutorials I've seen, for any language. Joakim Ziegler, FIX sysop

This is the best book on Java that I have ever found! You have done a great job. Your depth is amazing. I will be purchasing the book when it is published. I have been learning Java since October 96. I have read a few books, and consider yours a "MUST READ." These past few months we have been focused on a product written entirely in Java. Your book has helped solidify topics I was shaky on and has expanded my knowledge base. I have even used some of your explainations as information in interviewing contractors to help our team. I have found how much Java knowledge they have by asking them about things I have learned from reading your book. (e.g. the difference between arrays and Vectors) Your book is great! Steve Wilkinson, Sr. Staff Specialist, MCI Telecomunications

What a magnificent book! It's got just the right balance between code and discussion, and the exercises are good. I've done all of them to the end of Ch. 10, and I feel like I'm making good progress with Java. Phil Wall, TeX Programmer, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Thank you for "Thinking In Java." It's time someone went beyond mere language description to a thoughtful, penetrating analytic tutorial which doesn't kowtow to The Manufacturers. I've read almost all the others--only yours and Patrick Winston's have found a place in my heart. I'm already recommending it to customers. Thanks again. - Richard Brooks, Java Consultant, Sun Professional Services, Dallas

I am currently a C programmer at Boeing who is self-taught in Java from reading your book and others. After reading several other beginning to advanced books in Java, I hit upon your electronic version on the web. I started reading it and couldn't put it down! I have read it three times through already and your sections on Design Patterns got me fired up enough to read the Gang of Four book Design Patterns (talk about tough slogging!). Your completeness in every area is a great virtue. Other books teach you the most popular things to learn, but they are not complete enough to really program with. They're always fuzzy about those complex subjects. Your examples are great, all the way from simple to complex. Your trash bin example is wonderful in how it evolves the reader's thinking through the stages of better design. Norman Oakes, Scientific Programmer, The Boeing Company

I am working through Thinking in Java and must say that this is the way I like to be taught. Descriptive, use of analogy, plain language, no attempt to make yourself sound clever. Good teachers don't need to do that, their talent is obvious. It's the best piece of work I've come across for quite some time. Nice one! (as we say in England). Mark Bentley, a director of Elyzium Ltd (, I.T. consultants.

... far and away the best book on Java that I've found yet. I've only been programming in Java for three months now, and this was my main source of learning. In that relatively short period of time, I've been able to get up to speed with the rest of my team who have been programming in Java for 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 years. Thanks for a great book!! Richard Angelo, Programmer, Cendant IT

One of my objectives this year is to become certified in Java. When I asked my fellow consultants what book I should look at, everyone pointed me towards Thinking In Java. When I went to this site, I was floored. I've started reading the book online, and I think it's excellent, but what really delighted me was that you allow people to download your book for free. As far as I'm concerned, this "try before you buy" policy is incredibly generous to those who can't really afford to purchase a bunch of expensive books. Although I have a downloaded copy of Thinking In Java, I plan to buy two copies when it is released - one for myself, and one for the person who recommended your book to me. Keep the information flowing!" Ray Burtoff, RDA, Philadelphia

Other books cover the WHAT of java (describing the syntax and the libraries) or the HOW of java (practical programming examples). Thinking in Java is the only book I know that explains the WHY of java, why it was designed the way it was, why it works the way it does, why it sometimes doesn't work, why it's better than C++, why it's not. Although it also does a good job of teaching the what and how of the language, Thinking in Java is definitely the thinking person's choice in a java book. - Robert S. Stephenson

May I first say how appreciative I am for your book, "Thinking In Java". I have spread the word far and wide that I've found it to be the best introduction so far to not only Java but OO concepts in general. It has been a terrific resource to an old 'C'/UNIX war-horse like myself. David Young, President, Young Systems Engineering, Inc., Sandy, Utah

I became interested in [Thinking in Java] on the strength of 'Thinking in C++, one of my favorite C++ books. I was happy to discover that a Java book written in the same vein was in development, and followed the progress of the online version closely. When the published version became available, I immediately asked for a copy as a birthday present, and have been enjoying myself tremendously as I work my way through it. I hope that others who were exposed to the online version have also obtained a copy of the printed version, as it is much easier to read that way (and the cover is very cool). This is one of the few Java books that actually deals with programming in Java and explores the language with a depth that few other books avoid (Core Java being one noteable exception). Not only am I learning a lot about the inner workings of Java, it helps me understand important issues that result in better design when I write code. I suspect I will also turn to this book for an explanation when I encounter unexpected behaviors in Java programs, because it is that thorough.This book is surprisingly easy to read as well, considering its depth. Keeping my attention long enough to complete a chapter or major section is an achievement in itself. Thanks very much for the excellent work. Terry L. Triplett Software Engineer Netcom Online Communication Systems

I just want to commend you for your work on "Thinking in Java." It is people like yourself that dignify the future of the Internet and I just wanted to thank you for your effort. It is very much appreciated. - Patrick Barrell, Network Officer Mamco-QAF Mfg. Inc.

Most of the Java books out there are fine for a start, and most just have beginning stuff and a lot of the same exact examples. Yours is by far the best advanced thinking book I've seen. Please publish it soon! ... I also bought "Thinking in C++" just because I was so impressed with "Thinking in Java". - George Laframboise, LightWorx Technology Consulting, Inc.

I have selected "Thinking In Java" as the text for the second semester programming course I will be teaching at Kean University in NJ this coming fall. First let me tell you (as if you already didn't know this) that your text is great! I especially like your conversational style, and the well thought out examples … Again thanks for a great text - having it as a reference and guide for my students will make my life much easier in the classroom, and I am sure the students will be using the text for years to come. Alan Yorinks, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, Kean University, Union, NJ and Member of Technical Staff, Lucent Technologies

I wrote to you earlier about my favorable impressions regarding your Thinking in C++ (a book that stands prominently on my shelf here at work). And today I've been able to delve into Java with your e-book in my virtual hand, and I must say (in my best Chevy Chase from Modern Problems) I like it! Very informative and explanatory, without reading like a dry text book. You cover the most important yet the least covered concepts of Java development - the whys. Sean Brady.

I dug (and still dig) your Thinking in Java book. Your section on RMI really helped out when I was building a RMI indexing and search engine for my company's SQL server. So, Thanks! Jason Lee, Lead Developer, Labgate, Inc.

Just a statement of respect:-). Normal computer books talk and talk, but never get to the point. Yours say relevant things throughout. Per Kistler, Unix Systems Administrator, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETHZ

I've read the first two chapters of TJAVA and I like it a lot. Thanks for writing a great book. The more I read it the better I like it. My students like it, too. Chuck Iverson

Thank you for your wonderful, wonderful book on Java. Dr. Gavin Pillay, Registrar - King Edward VIII Hospital, South Africa

Great Book. Best book on Java I have seen so far. Jeff Sinclair, Software Engineer, Kestral Computing.

Your examples are clear and easy to understand. You took care of many important details of Java, that can't be found easily in the "weak" Java documentation. And you don't waste the reader's time with the basic facts a programmer already knows about. Kai Engert, Innovative Software Germany

I'm a great fan of your "Thinking in C++" and have recommended it to associates. As I go through the electronic version of your Java book, I'm finding that you've retained the same high level of writing. Thank you! Peter R. Neuwald

VERY well-written Java book ... think you've done a GREAT job on it. As the leader of a Chicago-area Java special interest group, I've favorably mentioned your book and website several times at our recent meetings. I would like to use "Thinking in Java" as the basis for a part of each monthly SIG meeting, where we review and discuss each chapter in succession. Mark Ertes

I really appreciate your work and your book is good. I recommend it here to our users and Ph.D. Students. Hugues Leroy // Irisa-Inria Rennes France, Head of Scientific computing and industrial tranfert

OK, I've only read about 40 pages of Thinking in Java — but I've already found it the most clearly-written and presented programming book I've come across ... and I'm a writer, myself, so am probably a little critical. I have Thinking in C++ on order and can't wait to crack it — I'm fairly new to programming and am hitting learning curves head-on, everywhere. So this is just a quick note to say thanks for your excellent work. I had begun to burn a little low on enthusiasm from slogging through the mucky, murky prose of most computer books -- even ones that came with glowing recommendations. I feel a whole lot better now. Glenn Becker Educational Theatre Association

Thank you for making your wonderful book available. I have found immensely useful in finally understanding what I experienced as confusing in Java and in C++. Reading your book has been very satisfying. Felix Bizaoui, Twin Oaks Industries, Louisa VA

I must congratulate you on an excellent book. I decided to have a look at Thinking in Java based on my experience with Thinking in C++, and I was not disappointed. Jaco van der Merwe, Software Specialist, DataFusion Systems Ltd, Stellenbosch, South Africa

This has to be one of the best Java books I've seen. E.F.Pritchard, Senior Software Engineer, Cambridge Animation Systems Ltd., UK.

... your book makes all the other Java books I've read or flipped through seem doubly useless and insulting. Brett g Porter, Senior Programmer, Art & Logic

I have been reading your book for a week or two and compared to the books I have read earlier on Java, your book seems to have given me a great start. I have recommended this book to lot of my friends and they have rated it Excellent. Please accept my congratulations for coming out with an excellent book. Rama Krishna Bhupathi, Software Engineer, TCSI Corporation, San Jose

Just wanted to say what a "brilliant" piece of work your book is. I've been using it as a major reference for the in-house Java work. I find that the table of contents is just right for quickly locating the section that is required. It's also nice to see a book which is not just a rehash of the API nor treats the programmer like a dummy. Grant Sayer, Java Components Group Leader, Ceedata Systems Pty Ltd, Australia

Wow! A readable, in-depth Java book. There are a lot of poor (and admittedly a couple of good) Java books out there but from what I've seen yours is definitely one of the best. John Root, Web Developer, Department of Social Security, London

Thank you again for your awesome book. I was really floundering (being a non-C programmer), but your book has brought me up to speed as fast as I could read it. It's really cool to be able to understand the underlying principles and concepts from the start, rather than having to try to build that conceptual model through trial and error. Hopefully I will be able to attend your seminar in the not-too-distant future. Randall R. Hawley, Automation Technician, Eli Lilly & Co.

I've *just* started Thinking in Java. I expect it to be very good because I really liked Thinking in C++ (which I read as an experienced C++ programmer, trying to stay ahead of the curve). I'm somewhat less experienced in Java, but expect to be very satisfied. You are a wonderful author. Kevin K. Lewis, Technologist, ObjectSpace, Inc.

I think it's a great book. I learned all I know about Java from this book. Thank you for making it avaliable for free over the Internet. If you wouldn't have I'd know nothing about Java at all. But the best thing is that your book isn't a commercial brouchure for Java. It also shows the bad sides of Java. YOU have done a great job here. Frederik Fix, Belgium

I have been hooked to your books all the time. A couple of years ago, when I wanted to start with C++, it was "C++ - Inside & Out" which took me around the fascinating world of C++. It helped me in getting better oppurtunities in life. Now, in pursuit of more knowledge and when I wanted to learn Java, I bumped into "Thinking in Java" - No doubts in my mind as to whether I need some other book. Just fantastic. It is more like rediscovering myself as I get along with the book. It is just a month since I started with Java, and heartful thanks to you, I am understanding it better now. Anand Kumar.S - Software Engineer - Computervision (India)

Your book stands out as an excellent general introduction. Peter Robinson, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

After a year and a half of trying to learn JAVA, I finally can say I am getting there. I had gone to OO, C, C++ and Java classes, but the process has been very slow up to the day that I got your book. For the first time I truly begin to understand all those fancy words. Thank you. Anna Paula-Santos Software Engineer at AGENCY.COM : New York

About a month or so ago I discovered your Thinking in Java book. It's by far the best material I have come across to help me learn Java and just wanted you to know how lucky I feel to have found it. THANKS! Chuck Peterson, Product Leader, Internet Product Line, IVIS International

This is one of the best books I've read about a programming language… Chapter 16 on design patterns is one of the most interesting things I've read for long time. Ilan Finci, graduate student and teaching assistant, Institute of Computer Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

The book is great. It's the third book on Java I've started on and I'm about 2/3 of the way through it now. I plan to finish this one. I found out about it because they now use it in some internal classes at Lucent Technologies and a friend told me about the book being on the net. Good work. Jerry Nowlin, MTS, Lucent Technologies

Of the 6 or so Java books I've accumulated to date, your "Thinking in Java" is by far the best and clearest. Michael Van Waas, Ph.D., President, TMR Associates

I just want to say thanks for "Thinking in Java", what a wonderful book you've made here! Not to mention downloadable for free! As a student I find your books invaluable (I have a copy of C++ Inside Out, another great book about C++), because they don't only teach me the how-to, but also the whys, which are of course very important in building a strong foundation in languages like C++ or Java. I have quite a lot of friends here who love programming just as I do, and I've told them about your books. They think it's great! Thanks again! P.S.: By the way, I'm an Indonesian and I live in Java. Ray Frederick Djajadinata, Student at Trisakti University, Jakarta

The mere fact that you have made this work free over the 'net has put me into shock. I thought I'd let you know how much I appreciate and respect what you're doing. Shane LeBouthillier, Computer Engineering student, University of Alberta, Canada

I have to tell you how much I look forward to reading your monthly column. As a newbie to the world of object oriented programming, I appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that you give to even the most elementary topic. I have downloaded your book but you can bet that I will purchase the hardcopy when it is published. Thanks for all of your help. Dan Cashmer, B. C. Ziegler & Co.

The best book ever written on Java. Ravindra Pai, Oracle Corporation, SUNOS product line

Your book "Thinking in Java" is excellent. I have read four other books on the subject. Your book is the best for learning Java. Mir W. Ali , Sr. Technical Specialist, First National Bank of Chicago

Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. First I stumbled upon the PDF version of Thinking in Java. Even before I finished reading it, I ran to the store and found Thinking in C++. Now, I have been in the computer business for over eight years, as a consultant, software engineer, teacher/trainer, and recently self-employed, so I'd like to think that I have seen enough (not "have seen it all", mind you, but enough). However, these books cause my girlfriend to call me a 'geek'. Not that I have anything against the concept - it is just that I thought this phase is well beyond me. But I find myself truly enjoying both books, like no other computer book I have touched or bought so far. Excellent writing style, very nice introduction of every new topic, and lots of wisdom in the books. Well done. Simon Goland Simon Says Consulting Inc.

I must say that your "Thinking Java" is great! That is exactly the kind of documentation I was looking for. Especially the sections about good/poor software design using Java 1.1. Dirk Duehr, Lexikon Verlag, Bertelsmann AG, Germany

Thank you for writting two great books (Thinking in C++, Thinking in Java). You have helped me immensely in my progression to object oriented programming. Donald Lawson, DCL Enterprises

Thank you for taking the time to write a really helpful book on Java. If teaching makes you understand something, by now you must be pretty pleased with yourself. Dominic Turner, GEAC Support's the best Java book I have ever read ... and I read some. Jean-Yves MENGANT, Chief Software Architect NAT-SYSTEM, Paris, France

Thinking in Java gives the best coverage and explanation. Very easy to read, I mean the code fragments as well. Ron Chan, Phd., Expert Choice, Inc., Pittsburgh PA

Your book is great. I have read lots of programming books and your book still adds insights to programming in my mind. Ningjian Wang, Information System Engineer, The Vanguard Group

The best computer book writing I have seen. Tom Holland

Thinking in Java is an excellent and readable book. I recommend it to all my students. Dr. Paul Gorman, Department of Computer Science, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

You make it possible for the proverbial free lunch to exist, not just a soup kitchen type of lunch but a gourmet delight for those who appreciate good software and books about it. Jose Suriol, Scylax Corporation

Thanks for the opportunity of watching it grow into a masterpiece! IT IS THE BEST book on the subject that I've read or browsed. Jeff Lapchinsky, Programmer, Net Results Technologies

Your book is concise, accessible and a joy to read. Keith Ritchie, Java Research & Development Team, KL Group Inc.

It truly is the best book I've read on java! Daniel Eng

The best book I have seen on Java! Rich Hoffarth, Senior Architect, West Group.

Thank you for a wonderful book. I'm having a lot of fun going through the chapters. Fred Trimble, Actium Corporation

You have mastered the art of slowly and successfully making us grasp the details. You make learning VERY easy and satisfying. Thank you for a truly wonderful tutorial. Rajesh Rau, Software Consultant

I just wanted to say that I have read several of your books and attended one of your lectures. You are one of the few speakers and authors that I would highly recommend to anybody that is trying to further their knowledge of C++ and Java. Keep up the great work and thank you for writing in such a clear style. Tim McMillan, Systems Programmer, Wise Solutions Inc.

I wish there are more writters like you. Your Thinking in Java is wonderful, the best book I have ever read! Cuong P. Nguyen, Software Engineer, Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center, Boston

... It surpasses by far all of the books I've seen and had before. Even the one, that I considered as THE Book for Java starters, and recommended to all of my students: "JAVA: How to Program" by Deitels. I can assure you that from now on your book will be on the top of my list and the one which I will recommend to my students and to the college system that I'm affiliated with. Bottom line, as a reader of your book, as a Java programmer and instructor, I have to say, you've done a great job with "Thinking in Java", and I look forward to make room in my schedule to attend your seminar. Alex Grigorian, Consultant

I have been doing work with Java for about 2+ years now (since 1.0). I have read countless "Learn Java" books Your book is one of the best technology books around. The examples are straight and accurate, and your coverage of the material is through. Anyone can "reproduce" the Java docs that come with the JDK, but you actually add meaning to the material I recommend your book to my colleagues and to my students. I hope you continue to write about Java, as the JDK continues to evolve Keep up the GREAT work. William R. Fink, Consultant - Daugherty Systems, St. Louis, Missouri. Part-Time Instructor - Lewis and Clark Community College, Godfrey, Illinois.

"Thinking in Java" rocks the free world! Miko O'Sullivan, President, Idocs Inc.

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