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Thinking in Java 4e Errata

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Corrected in the second printing

9: opens and I've got a new mountain to climb. Thanks to Brian Goetz for

81: create a subdirectory for each chapter in this book. Move to the subdirectory named object and type

603: public SnowRemovalRobot(String name) { = name;}

617: Angelika Langer's Java Generics FAQ (see


1169: Timer objects that perform some simple task when the timeout completes

1315: JTextArea with the output from the Countries generator in the Containers in Depth chapter

1322: JMenuItem and its derivatives including JCheckBoxMenuItem

1328: However, this is not the method thatís called when the mouse is clicked

1335: AbstractButton is initialized to a JButton that has the label

1356: file[i].addActionListener(ml);

1379: Note that the FileOpenService and the FileSaveService classes are


1392: The current cell color is color. Colors are created using the Color

1393: paintComponent( ) is quite simple; it just sets the color to color and fills In run( ), you see the infinite loop that sets the color to a new random color

1411 (paragraph rewritten): ArrayList is duplicated inside a synchronized clause, using the

1456: Effective JavaTM by Joshua Bloch (Addison-Wesley 2001). A must-have

1103: hex 0xcafebabe

Corrected in the third printing

101: Unary plus provides symmetry with unary minus, but its only effect is to promote smaller-type operands to int.

178: To understand garbage collection in Java, it's helpful to learn how garbage-collection schemes work in other systems.

293: Since fields are usually private, you must generally assume that a derived class has access to its own members only, and not to those of the base class.

367: This generates a separate class called TestBed$Tester (to run the program, you say java TestBed$Tester, but you must escape the '$' under Unix/Linux systems).

525: The first two expressions match, but the third one starts with a '+', which is a legitimate sign but means the number doesn't match the regular expression.

594: Because consumer( ) accepts an Interface, it can't know if it's getting a RealObject or a SimpleProxy, because both implement Interface. But the SimpleProxy inserted between the client and the RealObject performs operations and then calls the identical method on a RealObject.

617: Footnote 2: Or a class with all private constructors.

1465, 1477: PropertyVetoException

Pending corrections for the fourth printing

84: (added in their respective code files)
public class Documentation2 {}
public class Documentation3 {}

306: re-bound

801: {"BULGARIA","Sofia"}, (removed)

802: {"BULGARIA","Sofia"}, (added)

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