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Hands-on Java CD-ROM 2nd Edition

Please note: we are beginning work on the 3rd 4th edition (skipping a release number), to correspond to the 3rd 4th edition of Thinking in Java (which appeared on bookshelves February 2006). At this point we don't have an estimated completion date for the next CD.

Because of the increasing size and complexity of the Java language, and the corresponding increase in Thinking in Java, the next version will be two separate products:
  1. The Hands-On Java CD ROM, 4th Edition. This will correspond to the chapters in Thinking in Java, 4th Edition through the Error Handling with Exceptions chapter.

  2. The Intermediate Thinking in Java CD ROM, which covers the remainder of the book.

By creating two projects instead of one, each can cover the material in more depth.

There will be an increase in price for both products. However, if you purchase the second edition of the CD after December 1, 2002 (the date of the print publication of Thinking in Java, 3rd edition), you will automatically receive a free update to the 4th edition of the Hands On Java CD, when it is available.

Thank you for your patience.
Second Edition
Released Dec 1, 2000

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This CD contains all the lectures (given by Bruce Eckel) from the five-day full-immersion training seminar. This is more than 15 hours of audio lectures synchronized with 500 slides of information. The seminar is based entirely on the second edition of Thinking in Java (which is updated to be completely based on Java 2), from which the seminar is derived, so it is an ideal supplement to the book. The lectures begin with Java syntax and go all the way through such advanced topics as multithreading and network programming.

  • The CD contains almost 500MB of content. We believe that it sets a new standard for value.

  • Java 2 only — completely updated to follow the 2nd edition of Thinking in Java

  • Although the CD contains the same slides that are used in the Thinking in Java Hands-On Seminar, the CD is able to cover a little more than time allows in the 5-day seminar. One bonus is Passing & Returning Objects, which is Appendix A from Thinking in Java.

  • All the lectures on the CD have been completely re-recorded with improved sound equipment and a much better digital recording format (the popular MP3) than used in the first edition of the CD. If they wish, users may move the sound files to a portable MP3 player for more convenient listening (printable handouts are available in Adobe Acrobat form on the CD).

  • The best way to find out more about the CD is to download and run the Demonstration Lecture.

What People Say...

"Totally the best multimedia training in any computer subject currently available." Nikita Popov, Student in Michigan

Software Development Magazine online ( May, 1998: "Eckel is an accomplished presenter and a pleasure to listen to ... an excellent introduction to Java for people with a basic understanding of programming ... a great value."

Just wanted to say thank you again for the great course ... this was the best seminar I've ever taken! And thanks to the CD, this seminar never really ends ... I got your perspective last week when you taught the course live, and now hearing Bruce's view of it on the CD is great reinforcement ... Two teachers for the price of one! James Pleger, Loudoun County (Virginia) Government

"Innovative, entertaining, and useful" Reg Charney, President, Charney & Day Inc.

"Thanks for putting together a reasonably priced and absolutely excellent CD on Java. I can't wait to go through your C++ material too." Peter Norquist, Web designer, Pleasanton, CA

"I wish to say I am greatly pleased with the quality of your teaching material.... One way I do this [find time to learn] is to take down all of the audio and listen to it as I ride my bike in the neighborhood. Richard F. Parker, Sigma-5, Inc. Consulting engineer (embedded systems, medical devices), Delray Beach, FL

"Cool cd ... excellent work!" Nicolas Eypert, Games Developer, Visiware France,

"I just want to thank you for the 2nd edition CD ROM with the 'Hands-on Java seminar'! Very convenient and easy to use. I found it to be more useful and better to use than the first one. Thank you!" Vitaly Sokolov

"It takes away parts of the need for having explicit and detailed Java tutorial courses" Arne-Jorgen Berre, SINTEF

"An invaluable tool in my Java studies" Sandi Olson, Las Vegas, NV

"Thanks for a wonderful book/CD!!!" Arthur Lopatin. Programmer/Analyst, Informed Consulting

"I have learned more from your CD and book than from any other source. Thank you for making it." Roy Wagner, ACCESSible Database Systems

"The CD is FANTASTIC. I started working through your slides for the "Hands-on Java" class that you offer and its almost like being there (less the Golden Gate Bridge.....any way you could work that in?) :-) Thanks for the CD and keep up the great work!"
Daniel S. Seewer, Project Leader, GE Capital CFS

"I am quite impressed by the way it is organised. I particularly like the combination of Seminar and Book: the intonation and various nuances of the voice help to reinforce the written word.The down-to-earth, no nonsense approach is very much appreciated. I think it is a great product and well worth the cost. Thanks, Bruce." Wilf Stacey

"Thank you very much - You are a class act!!! I consider you the epitome of what the internet should be in terms of how information, products, commerce, and success should be." Paul Grunwald, Intel

"I was listening and soon lost track of time. The demo has convinced me that the CD will be a worthwhile purchase." Jeremy Nickolet - University Student.

"I just received the CD-ROM and, as I thought, it is a great piece of work. We use the book here in classes and I believe it is one of the best educational resources about Java." Dr. Reuven Aviv, Snr Lecturer of Computer Science, Dept. of Information Technologies, The Waikato Polytechnic, Hamilton, New Zealand.

"I had studied C++ with TIC and now Java with TIJ but using the Hands-On CD is wonderful. ... The audio is wonderful. Thanks so much." Paul Chum, Anabasis

"Your CD is excellent. It sure helps to have someone explain concepts instead of reading and trying to figure out what is going on. I just finished the CD for the first time and plan on listening to it again soon. Thanks, the CD has been invaluable."

"The CD means I'm not going to lose what I learned. I've been using it every day; it's a great reference."

Other Information

Frequently-Asked Questions

Press Release

Quantity discount: boxed orders of 25 or more CDs shipped to the same address are $40 per CD (plus tax if shipped to California), shipping and handling. To order, contact .

For reporting tax information, the federal tax ID number to use is 91-1825155. The address for tax reporting is:

MindView, Inc.
5343 Valle Vista,
La Mesa, CA 91941

Review copies are available to members of the technical press who write on the topic of Java or training. To receive a reviewer copy, please send a request to with a brief explanation of your plans. IMPORTANT: Please include URLs to your published work, and/or to official web sites (e.g. official University sites) listing classes that you teach. Please understand that we get many such requests and need evidence of your writing and teaching activities in order to evaluate your request.

Demonstration Lecture

Before purchasing the CD, please download the demonstration lecture (which includes the entire foreword) for the 2nd edition of the Hands-On Java CD ROM. By installing and running the demo before buying the CD, you guarantee that the CD will run properly on your machine.

You will get the best results with this CD if your screen resolution is 1024x768 or greater. There is a low-resolution option that supports 800x600, and while this is completely usable it is not as full-featured. However, you must have a video card and monitor that supports at least 800x600 resolution in order to use the CD.

This demo will give you a good idea of what the CD is like (I've been working hard to improve the quality).

The download is 4.9 Megabytes. You'll also need to have the current (free) RealPlayer and a recent Web browser. Full details and installation instructions are in Install.htm in the download.

Please note: When you go to to download the free RealPlayer, they will try to gently trick you into buying the payware version. From the main page, click on Free RealOne Player. On the page that comes up next, in the lower right-hand corner, click on: Download the free RealOne Player Only.

The URL for the Demonstration Lecture download is:

HTTP download

Please note that this only includes the lectures for the foreword, despite the fact that the "index.html" has links and descriptions for all the talks.

Ordering Notes: Please read before going to the order form

  1. Before ordering, please download the demo, install it and try it out. If the demo works on your computer, so will the CD.

  2. Orders will be mailed using first-class mail or international airmail for overseas orders. Orders will be placed in the mail within one day of receipt of your order. Please be aware that the amount of time it takes for mail to arrive varies depending on all sorts of factors, and allow adequate time for the package to arrive. Overseas orders in particular are subject to delays in customs and your country's mail delivery service.

  3. If you have special needs, contact .

  4. Return Policy: If you're not satisfied, you may return the CD for a full refund.

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