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Speaking in Salt Lake City March 4, 2005

Fresh from (getting much closer to) completing the 4th edition of "Thinking in Java" (after roughly a year of work), I will be talking about the new version of Java (J2SE5) and how very different it is in both features and attitude from previous versions of Java. Many of the new features have responded to long-term needs which have only been (finally) taken seriously because of the competition from C#. Although the result is a significant leap forward in the experience of programming in Java, there are still some new dark corners (notably generics) that will require some struggle to master.

This will be a casual presentation with integrated questions and answers, and an extended Q&A session at the end.

No charge, open to everyone.

Date: March 4, 2005
Time: 3pm - 5pm.
Location: NorthFace University, Room 200

Directions to NorthFace


Go west on 106 South from I-15 about 1 mile into the river bottoms. There is a golf course/batting cages on the right, and River Front Parkway is to the left. Northface is located in the middle building about 2 football fields down that street.

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