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Links, etc. (Things that don't fit elsewhere)

  • Dr. Heinz Max Kabutz publishes an Advanced Java newsletter. Not for the uninitiated, but I find something fascinating in every issue. To subscribe, either send an email here or do it via the web here. You can find the archived newsletters here.

  • Daniel Will-Harris' writings and designs. The creator of the good parts of this Web site (I take responsibility for all the rest) and one of the world's leading font experts shows you some of his designs (including the covers for "Thinking in C++," "Thinking in Java" and the "Hands-On Java CD ROM") and writings about design and computing.

  • Elliotte Rusty Harold's Cafe Au Lait Web site on Java. Where I go to keep up with what's going on in the world of Java. Brief and to the point, he does the research work so you don't have to. He hasrecently turned his attention to XML on a new site:

  • Linux Resources: the master site is, but I'm a fan of Red Hat, which you can find at To find the Java Servlet extensions for the Apache Web server, go to and select "related projects" and then "The Java-Apache Project."

Various Topics

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