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COM Programming with Java

Bruce Eckel Presents:

A 5-day, Hands-on Intensive Workshop
This course is not currently scheduled,
but is available as an on-site seminar

The goal of this exercise-intensive workshop is to teach you how touse Microsoft Java to implement and/or use COM components, Automation servers, and ActiveX Controls with Java

Ignoring the political issues, if you need to write for the Windows platform then the Java and COM object models are so similar that Java is arguably the most natural programming language for writing COM-compliant code. The Microsoft VM and development tools contain specific features that make their implementation of Java a powerful, elegant, yet simple COM programming language.

This exercise-based, hands-on workshop has a dual nature and goal: teach Java programmers how to add COM features to their applications, and teach COM professionals how to use Java to make their job easier.

You'll learn:

  • The COM fundamental concepts and techniques:
    COM interfaces, COM servers (in-process, local, and remote), handling COM object lifetimes, COM type checking, the IUnknown interface, GUIDs, the role of the Windows Registry, component categories, class factories, marshalling data between processes, multithreading models.

  • COM-based technologies: Automation and ActiveX Controls
    what Type Libraries are and are for, the IDispatch interface, Dual Interfaces, what Automation and ActiveX controls are for, ActiveX control/container relationship.

  • Microsoft's Java/COM integration tools and technologies
    Iimplementing COM components, Automation servers and ActiveX controls. Use Java to drive Automation servers and ActiveX controls. Marshalling of user-defined data types between processes.

  • Handling COM errors in Java
    HRESULTs, the ISupportErrorInfo COM interface, mapping COM errors to Java exceptions.

  • COM/Java multithreading issues
    Supported multithreading models. Marshalling between threads.

  • Remote objects
    How to use DCOM to call into remote COM objects. How to make a Java/COM component remote.

This workshop is based entirely on Microsoft tools and technologies


Before coming to the workshop, you should have either taken:

In addition, before the workshop you might want to read:

Understanding ActiveX and OLE by David Chappell

What you should bring:

  • Your notebook computer running Windows95 or Windows NT
  • A network card that fits in your notebook computer and has a twisted pair interface (the one that looks like a wide phone jack).
  • Please pre-install and test Microsoft Visual J++ 1.1, Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0, and the latest Microsoft SDK for Java on your computer
  • Bring your Windows95 CD (your computer may already have the contents of the CD on the hard disk).
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