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Places to eat and stay in the town of Crested Butte, Colorado

Links for Lodging, maps, activities, etc.

   Click Here for our Recommended Lodgings

Excellent, detailed list of accomodations, many with pictures!
Gunnison County Tourism Association Site Good listings for accomodations, but make sure to choose a place in Crested Butte
The town's community web site
Not to be missed; has everything!
Lodging via the Chamber of Commerce
Fairly complete listing of lodgings
Alpine Express Shuttle to
& from the Gunnison airport (about 30-40 minutes).
Make reservations at 1-800-822-4844
Overview Map and Driving Times
Another map
The digital Storytelling Festival
(also has driving instructions)
Google Search for Crested Butte
Seminar registration questions


Most people go to Camp4Coffee during the breaks, since it's right around the corner from the seminar location. Camp4 has, hands down, the best coffee in town. They also have breakfast burritos and other items, if you want a quick breakfast or lunch.

For a great, fast, burrito, taco or tamale go to the Teocali Tamale on Elk street — this place is exceptional, and a favorite of mine. They've also started serving breakfast.

Another great spot for lunch is Pitas in Paradise. They feature a mediterranean style menu, complete with gyros, hummous, baba ganoush and of course, pitas. They are located just on Elk Avenue across from the post office.

Check out Izzy's Bagels for breakfast or lunch. They are located just behind the post office and feature menu items such as soup, sandwiches, coffee, and fantastic freshly baked breads.

Why Cook?, located in the Plaza with Clark's Market is another great spot to pick up a quick lunch. Operated by the restauranteers of Le Bosquet, Vic and Candy Shephard, you'll find the food excellent and the deli style service expedient. However, be warned to stay away from the creme brulee, because it's instantly addictive.

As you come into town on Highway 135, look to your left and you will see Clark's Market, the local grocery store. (The picture here says McDell's, which was the previous name) In addition to carrying standard grocery wares, Clark's has a deli at the back of the store which features sandwiches, fried chicken and deli salads.

Evening Restaurants

The restaurants above are especially good for fast lunches, if we're planning on a hike in the afternoon. There are many other restaurants that are especially good for dinner:
  • The Secret Stash is the good place for Pizza -- far better than the brick oven -- but it takes awhile, so I prefer to order for take-out or delivery.
  • The Ginger Cafe has good asian food.
  • La Cucina is very good for take-out sandwiches. It's also quite fast for eating in.
  • The Lobar is the hip new place in town, and has excellent sushi, among other things.
  • The Buffalo Grille specializes in Buffalo dishes with meat from Montana ranches.
  • The Timberline is a popular restaurant.
  • Lil's features seafood and steaks, and a good sushi bar.
  • Donita's is a Mexican restaurant, featuring the usual margaritas and chips.
  • The Cowboy Barbeque features slow-cooked meats with an assortment of sauces.
  • Soupcon is an award-winning french restaurant. It is small, cozy and elegant.
  • Teocalli Tamale is also open for dinner.
  • The Long Dragon, if you're desperate for Chinese food.

I don't normally go to bars, but I've become fond of the Princess Wine Bar, on Elk street. There's no smoking, they'll give you herb tea, the bartenders are friendly and make you feel right at home, they have live (but quiet) music several times a week, plus they have some nice desserts. Sometimes we meet there during a seminar for informal after-hours chats.


The "Town" of Mount CB is mostly hotels and ski lifts
You should be aware that there's a significant difference between Crested Butte and Mount Crested Butte — they are two separate places. Travel agents tend to do a quick scan, see "Sheraton," and book you there which puts you up in Mt. CB, which you probably won't enjoy as much as being in town. By booking a room in the town of Crested Butte (CB) you are within easy walking distance of everything, including the seminar location. The alternative, Mount Crested Butte (Mount CB), is several miles away up on the mountain and is primarily ski lodging. In the summer, lodging in Mount CB is cheaper and you can usually rent an entire condo for a week, but some people feel it is less desirable since it's away from town. My favorite place in Mount CB is the Nordic Inn (described below), which is a small, friendly, family-owned B&B-style inn where I've stayed numerous times in the past and where Gerry Weinberg used to hold seminars.

In the town of Crested Butte, the places below are recommended.

One option is, of course, camping. Here's a page with general descriptions of various sites, as well as reservation information. You can also call the Chamber to find out about the various options available in the many National Forests surrounding Crested Butte.

The Great Escape
(877) 349-1131
For a home away from home, you can stay with Nita Kubricht and her daughter Jenna at the Great Escape Bed and Breakfast. Their Bed and Breakfast is small, quiet, and only one block from the seminar venue; allowing you to experience the local life of Crested Butte as well as vacation luxuries such as an outdoor hot tub and delicious home-cooked breakfasts. Their bed and breakfast also features theme rooms such as the English room, the Cowboy Southwest room and the Indonesian room.

Crested Butte International Hostel

Recently built, the CB International Hostel is a clean, comfortable and inexpensive lodging option for your stay in Crested Butte. The hostel offers common rooms with bunkbeds as well as private rooms, common bathrooms and a kitchen amply stocked with cooking and eating utensils.
An inside view of the recreation room and kitchen at the CB International Hostel.

Elk Mountain Lodge
(800) 374-6521

An historic inn, the Elk Mountain Lodge offers old-world elegance and comfort. The lodge boasts 17 rooms, each with a private bathroom, cable TV and telephone. To enjoy the beautiful views, the third floor rooms have balconies. Guests also enjoy the lobby bar open each evening, the indoor hot tub and complimentary breakfast served each morning.

The Claim Jumper
An antique collector's paradise, the Claim Jumper has an unusual funky style and is the only lodging in town that allows pets. It is located on the east end of town, just behind the playground and the softball fields.

Cristiana Guesthaus

Cristiana is a European Style Lodge featuring complimentary home-made breakfast, a hot tub, sauna and sundeck as well as private baths, and non-smoking rooms.

The Inn at Crested Butte

The Inn at Crested Butte is a 17 room Scandanavian-style Inn, featuring pine beds, down comforters and armoires in every room. They are located on Whiterock Avenue, just behind the hardware store and offer continental breakfasts and an outdoor jacuzzi.

The Old Town Inn

Old Town Inn is located on the left side of the highway as you enter Crested Butte. They are a bit less expensive than other hotels and boast a hot tub and cable TV.

Maroon Bells
Several houses are also available for weekly and nightly rates throughout town. Contact the Chamber for more information.

Columbine Cottage
Turn of the century mining cabin, extensively renovated. Two blocks from the center of town and historical district, very close to seminar location. Three bedrooms, two baths, sleeps six.

Nordic Inn

If there's no place to stay in town or you really want to stay on the mountain, the first choice is the Nordic Inn.

Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce can provide you with information about lodging and recreation opportunities in Crested Butte. Their web site will provide useful links to various local businesses.


The Alpineer
Located at the four-way stop, the Alpineer can meet all of your gear needs. They have a strong staff of local recreation enthusiasts who can supply you with maps and answer questions about local trails.

To rent videos head to the plaza where Clark's Market is and visit the Flying Petito Sister's Video Store. The Petito Sisters have recent releases, and also the classics, old movies, independent and foreign films.

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