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Thinking in C++ Seminar Registration Form

Taught by Chuck Allison
hosted by Bruce Eckel

June 25-29, 2001 in Crested Butte, Colorado

$1,700 for registrations paid by June 11
$1,850 for registrations paid after June 11

For technical questions, contact Chuck Allison (
For registration questions, contact

Please read this entire document carefully before filling out the form

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Registration Instructions

Payment Instructions

Tax Reporting

For reporting tax information, the federal tax ID number to use for MindView Inc. is 91-1825155. The complete tax ID form for MindView Inc. can be found on MindView's web site. Please note that MindView, Inc. is a corporation, and thus it is not necessary to file a Federal 1099 form.

Cancellations, Substitutions and Refunds

Limited Liability

MindView, Inc., is providing information at this Workshop that includes some materials from other sources than MindView, Inc., which information is believed to be reliable. The undersigned acknowledges that: (a) MindView, Inc. shall not be responsible for any erroneous information made available by others that is not known to be erroneous by MindView, Inc. at the time provided at the Workshop; and (b) should any information be provided at the Workshop whether originated with MindView, Inc., or with others, the only liability MindView, Inc. shall have is to refund the Workshop fee paid by the undersigned to MindView, Inc. and MindView, Inc. shall not be liable for any other loss, cost, expense, or damage. MindView Inc. assumes no liability for the acts of suppliers nor for the safety of any seminar participant while in transit to or from this event. The total liability during the precise hours of the meeting will be limited to a refund of the delegate fee.

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